Try as I might

West Seattle just doesn't feel like home. I wonder what ever will. I'm really sick of feeling like I'm between places to live... it's been like that ever since I came back up here from my "extended stay" in California

San Diego felt like home >:[

I got a big fat paycheck so Adam took me shopping on Broadway and then to Westlake center (ooooh! Fancy!) It was actually a lot of fun, we ate some sushi!

That was some of the BEST inari sushi I ever had
He bought me things like MAC eyeshadow and food, aaaaah the ways to my heart. I bought him a birthday present but he saw it when he was digging through my purse for candy and now I have to take it back.

American Apparel looked like this:

The gold Lame' stuff calls to me for some reason haha I'm just instinctively tacky I guess :DDDD
(I actually own that headband.)

We stayed at Melei's for the weekend, and as usual spent too much on donuts and odwalla at PCC and all the cool little shops around her place. I got Adam a DVD at Easy Street and he bought me a fancy new paintbrush haha and encouraged me to by some rather large canvases. Then we sat on the floor in the book store for a few hours being fucking hippies and reading about dog emotions, the way the ocean is dying, and how to save bby orangutans (with that said I'm moving to thailand)

I watched Jen's son Marccus so they could all go out and it wasn't all that bad :3 we watched the little mermaid.

we're homies now :]

do rats sneeze?

St. Patrick's day = DRUNKEN HIDE AND GO SEEK FTW! (also! drunken "the floor is lava!") hide and go seek in a million dollar home right on redondo none the less. It was absurdly fun and intense :D Before that we shopped at pike's place market and got vegan donuts, cinnamon rolls, and cookies. It's a wonder we didn't barf immediately upon ingesting corona, smirnoff, and captain mo's.

I'm actually painting again. on canvas. it's not realism, and it's not perfect.. so it's exactly what I need. Adam can't get enough of me when I'm painting, so things have been good between us (as they always are) He's sort of perfect. Even after dating him for 11 months he's still sort of perfect to me.

We're thinking about moving to Portland this fall, we both really love it there and think it would be a great fit. I looked at places in the few blocks between Hawthorne and Belmont st and they're totally affordable, $800 for a 2BR duplex or townhouse type cute thing.

I'll buy a bike and a laptop and work at a super indie antique shoppe or restaurant. Food fight is only a few blocks away from there AND I WILL TAKE MY DOG EVERYWHERE WITH ME like portlanders do.

ALSO I AM DYING MY HAIR BROWN. As soon as I order some extensions, I'm done being blond. I'm going to have long curly auburn hair all summer and look like the dirty hippie I actually am. :D
grammar bat

What the fuck.

Why are people so rude? Why are they so mean and hurtful?
I'm a generally nice fucking person.

Sure I was a little self righteous cunt in high school, but I've obviously grown, seeing as we were able to take smoke breaks together at work and laugh and actually carry a conversation.

I can't believe that people can be so polite to your face but secretly think so little of you and verbalize it to everyone else. It makes me absolutely nauseous that there's people out there who are that weak and pitiful.

Honestly, I wanted to drive to your place of business, jump over the counter, and beat your spineless body to a pulp. Maybe choke you out with your stupid green apron.
Honestly, I could easily take you down, and get in a fair amount of blows before anyone was able to pry me off of you.
Honestly, I've been itching to punch somebody in the throat for probably 6 months, and you just gave me the perfect excuse.

But honestly, I'm better than that. (better than you)

Instead I wrote you a short email, I didn't swear, and I kept my composure. I eagerly await your pitiful response. (also! I hope you read this Sarah!)


I act like I need all this free time
time alone, to finally get things accomplished

but it's when I'm completely alone that I get depressed
I shouldn't be allowed to sit in a room and quietly think

it's bad for you.

Dismal wednesday

Mmmm Christmas came and went.. pretty fast actually. I had 6 days off of work but they most DEFINITELY went by too fast.

We had a party on Christmas eve, ity was horrible. Afterwards all the kids went to the casino except Adam and I who wanted to just sit around. My mom tried to OD on prescription pills and then told Adam and I about how she used to do blow.

Everyone was hung over Christmas day and not very  much fun so I just didn't spend Christmas with my family. We went to Adam's mom's which was awesome.. Good food, good people. (GOOD PEOPLE WHO SUCK AT SCATERGORIES! D:<)

-A White nintendo DS lite
-Pokemon Diamond
-Cooking Mama OMGOMG
-Brain Age
- A 55 GALLON TANK for mah turtle
-New Bakewear (Measuring cups/spoons spatulas etc)

Anyone wanna tell me how to hook up the wifi on my DS?
... I think I'll dye my hair this week.


what the hell

bahahaha i don't know why I sound so pessimistic in this thing all the time

I love my life.

Adam and I are currently in phase one of building the best ginger-bread house of all time. I baked all the pieces today and he mostly put them together... and tomorrow we will decorate.

a useless update

So Adam's car got broken into...
I feel equally shafted seeing as I probably use his car more than he does.
material items are replaceable

because whenever I make plans with people, I cancel them that day, even if I got ready to go out with them.

and find myself completely content with sitting at home, enjoying myself more than if I was with them.
I'm not sure if I should feel pathetic or ecstatic. Friends are over-rated.

what is NOT over-rated is neopets. my new best friend is Auguhstus, my Meerca.
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